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It is lightly dissolvable in nature and helps to stay awake in situations It transforms the natural acids in the brain (neurotransmitters)

It is used by people suffering from narcolepsy it is a feeling of tremendous sleepiness and those patients can fall asleep any time anywhere regardless of the conditions. To cure this problem Provigil is used to cure fatigue caused by multiple sclerosis (MS) in many cases

Provigil increases the focus and can keep energetic for that particular time

It is also recommended to a patient who deals with blood pressure issue and it affects pregnancy consulting the doctor is often recommended

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How to take this medicine?

Take the medicine as instructed by your physician, don’t exceed your dosages, do follow proper instruction which is printed on the pack

Generic Provigil is often consumed with liquid before or after lunch as prescribed

It is usually recommended for 12 weeks depending on the condition of the patient or person.

Side effects of using this medicine overtime?

May cause skin diseases and often result in worst case issue related to the drug

If you are taking any composition of the drug other than this, it may cause serious side effects on the body due to chemical reaction.

Modafinil can cause severe reactions on the body which can cost consulting a doctor for immediate attention .the effects of this medicine can even become worse over time from days to month if taken in access amount  this drug may even affect your feelings

Necessary precaution?

To make sure this drug is safe for use, discuss with your doctor if you have

•           Any heart-related issue

•           Cirrhosis

•           Alport Syndrome or batters syndrome (kidney disease)

•           HIV \ AIDS or any other types of medicinal or drug disorders due to addiction

•           Any psychological disorders

This drug is harmful and may affect your uterus in cases so it is often recommended to consult a doctor whenever required.

•           Modafinil can affect natural fluids and may often result in the Changed color of the fluids

•           Trouble in eating infection in the mouth

•           Sore throat

•           Imaginary thoughts play which will make the person hallucinate

•           Pain in several body parts

Weight loss

It does not affect the weight of the body


You can store modafinil at room temperature away from extreme heat and keep the records updated

make sure you keep the tablets away from children and pets as it is often recommended

Don’t buy this medicine unless and until it is prescribed by the doctor as it may show harmful result if taken

Other Information

It is not recommended for a long time because it results in memory loss and

Provigil generic is similar to a drug like Ritalin or drugs like cocaine in that it increases dopamine levels, however, it does not have nearly the same strength as either of these other stimulants.

The main side effects of generic include:

Anxiety, Head pain, Diarrhea, Back pain, giddiness, Unable to sleep, Nausea or vomit, Congestion