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Cure sleep apnea with home remedies

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Sleep apnea is a problem which mostly strikes the people those who work in shift and this is a condition which causes you to stop breathing for a short period of time and wakes you up. The issues like sleep apnea can result in health complications and can wake you up tired the next morning. Sleep apnea gives rise to the condition like mental health issues, poor immune system, contribute to memory loss and can also increase the risk of having heart failure. Common treatments like Modafinil online can help you treat this disorder but there following some of the natural treatments can help you get the disorder treated.

Following are the home remedies which you can stick to treat your disorder of sleep apnea:

Maintain a healthy weight

People those who are diagnosed with sleep apnea are mostly recommended to lose weight. Specifically in the upper body due to obesity, there is an increase in the risk of air obstruction and nasal passages. While you are sleeping such obstructions can cause you to stop breathing suddenly for a certain length of time while sleeping.

Maintaining a healthy weight can help you to keep the airways clear and also helps to reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea.


Yoga or regular exercise can help you to improve the oxygen level as it encourages the oxygen flow and strengthens the respiratory organs. Exercise or yoga on daily basis helps you to increase the energy level, strengthen the heart and improves the sleep. The best results that you can get after practicing yoga or experience on daily basis can help you to have interrupted sleep.

Sleep position

A small change such as altering your sleep position can help to reduce the symptoms of the sleep apnea and helps you to have a night rest. Most of the studies have concluded that half of the obstructive sleep apnea improves due to the change in the sleeping position. The supine position which is sleeping on your back is the condition which can even worsen your condition. If you are sleeping on your back it increases the snoring and blocks your airways. Some people have experienced the improvement in sleep after changing the sleep position to the normal one. However, this is vice versa for children as small children with this problem can have improved sleep after they sleep on their back.

To evaluate the options you can discuss the positions with your healthcare expert.

Use a humidifier

The humidifier is a device which adds the moisture to the air and dry air is the one which irritates the body and the respiratory system. If you use humidifier it helps to open the airways and decreases the congestion and clears the breathing.