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Namenda generic is a  smart drug that is used to treat normal to severe pain. It is a drug that has been used to treat patients with Alzheimer’s disease and it may also boost memory alertness. It has to be taken orally and it comes in 5mg and 10mg pills. Namenda also has a standard name as Memantine hydrochloride. This is the most recommended drug which has been used to treat Alzheimer's [...]

Seven described stage of Alzheimer's disorder

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Alzheimer's disorder is a disorder which is a chronic neurodegenerative disorder which starts slowly and with passing time this disorder gets worse. Most of the people do think that this disorder affects your body all of a sudden but this disorder effects your body slowly and gets worsen during a period of time. There are certain stages of this disorder and this helps you understand the severity [...]

Get the disorder like Alzheimer treated with Namenda

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Alzheimer is a type of disorder which is similar to dementia which causes problems to the memory of the person as well as the ability to think this disorder is not only found in old people but also in young people. The symptoms of such disorder do not get noticed immediately and do start to develop slowly and within a period of time, they start getting worse. As the disorder gets severe it [...]