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Get smarter with the smart drug- Waklert

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Due to our hectic lifestyle, we often feel that 24 hours is not sufficient and we usually tend to compromise on our daily sleeping pattern. This is especially done by students during exams. Often due to less night sleep, they experience daytime sleepiness which can be avoided by using wakefulness promoting pill- Waklert. Wakefulness-promoting pills are prescribed to patients who suffer from [...]

Stay awake and be productive with the use of Waklert

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There are numerous people those who work in a shift or those who feel sleepy due to not having proper sleep. Many people deal with sleep apnea and this is one of the conditions which is been caused due to blocked airways and this results in a person unable to breathe during the sleep. Other than sleep apnea people also do have to deal with work shift disorder and this is a condition wherein [...]