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Seven described stage of Alzheimer's disorder

By ,  Namenda

Alzheimer's disorder is a disorder which is a chronic neurodegenerative disorder which starts slowly and with passing time this disorder gets worse. Most of the people do think that this disorder affects your body all of a sudden but this disorder effects your body slowly and gets worsen during a period of time. There are certain stages of this disorder and this helps you understand the severity of the disorder with passing time. If you have this disorder then it is necessary that you do know about these stages as well as a remedy which helps you treat this disorder. Alzheimer's remedy Namenda online can be used as a treatment for this disorder.

Following are the stages of the disorder which can help you know the disorder is affecting you.

  1. No impairment

This is the initial stage wherein this disorder is not detectable and even during this stage the memory problem are even not caused. Also, no other signs of this disorder can be noticed during the initial stage.

  1. Very mild decline

During this stage, the senior people can notice the minor issues with memory problem like they may lose the things. During this stage the memory loss is not noticed much and even during this stage this disorder remains undiagnosed.

  1. Mild decline

During this stage, this disorder comes in the notice and the performance of the memory can be diagnosed by the physician.

In the following areas people can face difficulty:

  • Finding the wrong word during the conversation
  • Planning and organization
  • Remembering the names of new people in life

Moderate decline

This is the fourth stage and during this stage the clear symptoms of this disorder can be experienced.

People, those who have Alzheimer's can have the following symptoms:

  • Facing difficulty with simple arithmetic
  • Poor short term memory wherein they may not recall what they did
  • Unable to manage finance and paying bills
  • May forget some parts or stories of the life
  1. Moderately severe decline

During this stage, the Alzheimer's patient may need the help of other people to perform day-to-day activities.

Following symptoms can be noticed during this stage:

  • Difficulty during dressing
  • Unable to recollect the small details such as address or phone number
  • Significant confusion

During this stage it is possible that they may have lost some of the parts of life. The things which they can remember strongly are the stories of childhood or youth.

  1. Severe decline

During the sixth stage, the patient may require constant supervision and professional care.

Following symptoms can be noticed:

  • Inability to recognize the face of the people except the closed ones
  • Inability to recollect the history even personal details
  • Loss of bladder and bowel control
  • The need assistance for performing the small activities
  • Wandering
  1. Very sensitive decline

This is the final stage of this disorder and this stage is near to death. During this stage, the patient may lose the ability to communicate and may only be able to utter the phrase. During the last stage, it becomes even impossible for the patient to swallow.

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