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Stay awake and be productive with the use of Waklert

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There are numerous people those who work in a shift or those who feel sleepy due to not having proper sleep. Many people deal with sleep apnea and this is one of the conditions which is been caused due to blocked airways and this results in a person unable to breathe during the sleep. Other than sleep apnea people also do have to deal with work shift disorder and this is a condition wherein person is unable to get enough of sleep and due to this they always are in urge to get sleep whenever possible. Sleep is important for every person and it is necessary that a person should at least sleep for 8 hours a day. Due to today’s workload and need of money people do compromise with sleep and to get such disorder treated they buy waklert online as a remedy.

Work mechanism

As per the researchers the working of this pill is not yet known but as per the researchers, this pill works on certain chemicals and substances which are present in the brain. Waklert is a version of Nuvigil and Nuvigil is the brand under which Armodafinil is been sold. This Nuvigil pill works on the dopamine which is a neurotransmitter and this neurotransmitter works on the nerves to communicate between various function which helps to enhance the mood and helps to stay focused and concentrated. This medicine works on a specific path so that it can help to promote wakefulness.


  • This sleep apnea pill is as well used as a remedy for treating narcolepsy as well it functions in such a way that it even helps you to stay away despite having an irregular sleep pattern.
  • Apart from treating disorder Waklert is as well used for improving focus, concentration, attention, motivation, and mood.
  • Also, this pill helps to increase your energy and enhance your mood to stay awake.
  • Some of the conditions like depression, schizophrenia, and brain booster can be treated with this Nuvigil pill but treating conditions with this specific medicine is not yet approved by the FDA.


Waklert 50mg and 150mg are available and these doses are used as per the tolerance of the body. You can either use this sleeping apnea aid during morning or afternoon. In case you are using the high doses then it is recommended that you do use these doses only under the guidance of the healthcare provider.

Side effects

This narcolepsy pill results in some of the side effects which include fatigue, headache, nervousness, nausea, dizziness, and irritability. Other than this you can have some of the serious side effects like skin rashes, peeling of skin, breathing problem, severe dizziness, and itching or swelling around the face. Also, some of the people can have allergic symptoms and if you experience that side effects are unbearable then you need to seek help from the health care provider.


  • Before you start the use waklert make sure that you do not have any sort of allergy or any sort of medical condition related to a heart problem, irregular heartbeat, chest pain, depression, mood disorder and addiction to drugs.
  • You may feel dizzy and due to this, you won’t be able to respond quickly hence you need to avoid alcohol as this promotes more dizziness and can lead to a situation like death if alert required work is performed.
  • While on this Nuvigil pill it is necessary that you do avoid MAO inhibitor before 2 weeks of using this medicine.