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The best nootropics- a guide to a comfortable sleep

Those suffering from the sleep disorders do suffer from the intense problem when they need to leave their beds. Those who have to work for the night can take a cup of coffee to get over the sleep. But constant sleep deprivation can cause adverse health conditions. There are various ways how a person can get a better routine and manage the sleep within that time without changing the routine.

Judge your sleep?

You need to first ask few questions to yourself whether you are full energy as on as you wake up or you feel too low and upset or you have to drag yourself from the bed with a lot of irritation. This tells you how much deprived your sleep was and how much lack your sleep was.

Now, to make you more aware that sleep deprivation can also be too fatal and there are instances when a person who was sleep deprived for more than 3 days died. There are a lot of effects of sleep deprivation on the body.

How your body is affected by sleep?

A research was conducted when the subjects were just asked to stay awake for more hours that are almost 1- 2 hours more. This way it was observed that they started developing a lot of health problems.

The subjects showed a low immune system- they started being sicker and this was even more in case of winter time.

Their metabolism got affected- they started growing fatter and their metabolism slowed down comparatively though their routine had no change except the lesser amount of sleep.

Some also thought to cover up the sleep in the weekends and sleep lesser during weekdays but it also affected adversely as the sleep that was required was needed every day and it was required the same each day. 

What is the sleep requirement per day?

It is difficult to tell what is the exact sleep that is required for a person as this may vary from person to person as some may feel energetic after having a sleep of about 6 hours though it is a bonus for them but everyone this 6 hours may not be sufficient on average every person needs about 7- 9 hours of sleep. In a few cases, it can also exceed about 10 hours when the entire week was a bit sleep deprived and the entire week was tiring. This can be adjusted with the help of getting extra sleep in the weekends and cutting down a bit of sleep in the weekdays that too only half an hour. Too much cut down of the sleep will again affect the problems.

There are other methods in which one can skip a nootropic and get a sleep

Use sleep glasses that block blue light

Any electronic that is TV or laptops or mobile phone emit extreme blue light that has the strongest wavelength.  This blue light is responsible for making us think in the day and at night when it’s the darkest hour but still, the blue light makes us think. Once the blue light is stopped from going through your eyes you will definitely start feeling more tired as your thinking process stops there itself.

You should avoid sleeping pills.

Most of the cases you will complain about your sleeping problems and this case the doctor will definitely hand you over with the sleeping pills and those who take the sleeping pills do suffer from serious drowsiness in the office and this way the person can have a full tiring day for the entire day.

Start taking melatonin

This is a type of chemical that is present in our body and this helps us to sleep. This can be taken externally also and this is available at the cheapest price at any nearest store.

This is the substance which when taken about 15 minutes before going to sleep can make your brain start feeling more sleepy and you will fall asleep within half an hour.

The necessary serotonin dosage for every person may vary though some may feel sleepy just after having 1 mg and the others need 5 mg and a single bottle of 5 dollars may last up to a month.

Exercise regularly especially cardio

You should exercise regularly as we humans are made up of the body that requires a lot of physical exercises and we end up only being on the desk due to our job type. We also should not start any exercise before going to bed as this will keep us awake for the entire night rather 20 minutes jog or brisk walking can make a person sleep well.

Keep your stomach filled before your bedtime.

Keeping your stomach filled before bed gives you a good sleep the reason is that you may have interrupted sleep if your stomach is half filled but this does not mean that you will overfill your stomach but you require to have a light snack or some fruit or have nuts so that you do not starve in the morning.

Do not work on the body- it’s confusing for the body

Many have the habit of using mobile or browsing internet from the bed and this confuses the body as the body is associated with bed for sleep and when during you relaxing tenure you start with some brain required activities it will eventually lead to a confused state for body and this does not rest the mind and makes sleep even more difficult.

Listen to white noise

More often when we go to sleep we listen to voices that may we in our memories from our past. It can be the happy ones or the sad ones. This keeps making the brain working when we sleep. To stop this from happening a person can stick to some white noise that is birds chirping sound, or sound of waves which is easily available on YouTube. When you are unable to sleep because of these sounds you can easily listen to these sounds as this will help you to relax your brain from the coming weird thoughts.

Be comfortable in the bed.

You should refrain every small move on your bed like tossing and turning as this affects the body as well as s the mind. You need to stick to a comfortable position on the bed and stop moving once you are settled.