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What to know about debit cards?

Debit cards are a form of plastic money or payment cards that helps the buyers to make purchases without paying any cash. The money for the purchased product or services is directly deducted from the bank account of the buyer or from the checking account. This is considered to be the safest alternative to cash transaction and is the most convenient form of payment system.

Nowadays Most of the banks and the credit unions offer you the debit cards as soon as the account is opened in the respective bank.

What to know about credit cards?

Credit cards are again a form of plastic money that allows making purchases of goods and services by borrowing money from the bank. The borrowed money is then again paid back to the bank within the “grace period” of around 25-30 days (varies from bank to bank) to avoid the interest. Suppose in case you fail to make any payment then in that case, you need to pay a percentage of money that you owe to the bank.

What is VISA card?

A visa card is a card that is used to make payments for some goods or services purchased by utilizing the Visa networks and branded by the Visa Inc. a visa card can be a credit card, debit card or it can be a prepaid card. Each visa card has got a different term that reflects the creditworthiness of a consumer.

Visa was the first company to provide with the first credit card in the year 1960, The VISA card is founded by Bank of America itself. This is considered to be a very renowned card as this gives the best class payment gateway services to all the people using it.

What is Master Card?

Master card is also a form of plastic money. It also can be both debit and credit card and it is incorporated by MasterCard international. Master card has got its headquarters in New York, United States.  This Master card also varies in the security services and the creditworthiness of the customers is designed differently.

In the year 1966 to 1979 master card was termed as “interbank” and “MasterCard”.  The banks originally behind the credit cards were the banks of “United California bank” and a “bank of California”


DISCOVER is a form of credit card that is used primarily in the United States. The discover cards are normally issued by the discover bank that is formerly the greenwood trust company. Discover card is issued through the discover network payment network. This brand is considered to be the 4th largest brand after visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

What is American express?

American Express is also a form of credit card that is issued and formulated by the American express company which is also a famous American multinational financial service company, it has its headquarters in the New York City; it is also well known by the name Amex Card. This card includes traveler’s cheque, charge cards, and credit cards.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an American company well known as PayPal holdings international that supports the online money transfer. PayPal also works in a way so that it acts as an electronic alternative to the traditional paper methods like money orders and cheques.

What is SSL security?

SSL is a standard security technology that establishes the encrypted link which helps the web server and the browser to get the perfect link and all information that passes through the link keeps the entire data integral and private.

Those people having SSL certificates with them have a key pair that is public and private key. Both these keys work together to establish the encrypted connection.