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Learn how to track your delivery:

Those people who wish to have track of their orders can do it easily when they place an order from our website. The moment your ordered product gets shipped, immediately you will be provided with the tracking number. You will be provided with your tracking order number through the mail or in your registered mobile number. You can then start tracking your delivery normally after 4 days of the shipment of your delivery has started.

How can you get your tracking number?

There are different methods of getting your tracking number details, like getting the shipping receipt from the post office. But here if you have shipped from then you will get a confirmation from our end via your mail id or your shipping confirmation mail or in your registered mobile number.

How to trace where your product has reached?

To track your delivery you need to visit the website where you have to enter your tracking number and then follow the given instructions. The moment you feed you’re tracking number and then press on the track button. You can very easily get the tracking details of your ordered product.