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Natural remedies that can be practiced at home to get a memory boost

The only thought that a person has in his mind since the very childhood is to have a memory boost that can make wonders. As a child, we always dreamt of having a superficial mind that will direct us to learn our works more effectively than never before. Well, those who have already grown up they can hardly make a change in their past but surely can change the present to get a better living. As time has already passed but we can always change the quality of our life or say the time that is with us which encompasses keeping our minds sharp and vibrant.

As we practice daily to bring a change in our musculoskeletal system to remain strong, and activity that involves any kind of practice can cause the brain to transmit different signals in a specific pattern and allow the connections to get stronger day by day and strengthen the brain by strengthening the neurons and strengthening the impulse between them.

There are ways other than the normal mental exercises that help in strengthening the brain that includes proper diet or practicing more listening.

1. Meditation- a way to de-stress the brain-

Studies have revealed that a chronic stress for an extended period can damage the brain. The best way to help the brain from damaging and strengthening is by involving into different activities or different lifestyle habits that can allow the brain to get de-stressed easily

The best way to accomplish this is by developing a meditation practice that may be as long as only 10-20 minutes a day. There are different exercises like breath-focused exercise, yoga, mindfulness meditation or spiritual practice or prayer.

2. Training exercises to develop cognitive skills-

The mind remains sharp when the elasticity of the brain is maintained. If we are talking about elasticity then this means how much the brain is able to constantly change according to the course of time. This elasticity factor of the can be involving various cognitive training exercises and the intellectual capacity of the brain.

One can take up different games like chess, juggling, or a new language or practice some coordination by playing board games which also stimulate the thinking power.

You can also take up a direction to drive to or type work with the left hand, or combine the senses by eating and listening to music while keeping the eyes closed.

3. Exercise the body to relax the brain-

Physical exercise does not always keep the body fit and perfect but it also helps to enhance the cognitive functions of the brain. The reason behind this can be the increased level of the neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a protein that helps to improve learning, memory and higher thinking by stimulating the growth of new neurons and allowing the existing ones to stay healthy and stronger.

4. Deep listening to a better practice-

If you are engaging in any activities that deep listening or if it involves deep communication then the neurons have to charge out a lot of synapses so that the brain function accordingly. Once there is injury to this part which can be the of too much and can challenge this type of brain functioning and make the brain more critical while speaking, listening, or understanding may start becoming more difficult with the of time.

As meditation activity can lower the stress level in the brains as well as in the body similarly you need to practice quieting the mind so that it can relax and do it’s communication properly. This practice of quieting the mind can make the mind feel fresh and more enhanced.

A small start of making the brain quiet can make your brain even more stronger.

  • If you are communicating then you should not pause rather you should take a pause and then communicate.
  • You need to breathe deeply like inhale deeply and exhale out completely. This allows the mind to be quiet.
  • You should listen to your heart and make the words that you heard be more felt. You can engage all your senses during this process.
  • If you are feeling a lot changed emotionally then you should write first, jot down every emotional feeling that you are facing. This helps in to gain clarity while speaking.
  • You can find a place where you can rant. For this purpose, you can choose a friend, or a therapist or a counselor with whom you can safely speak without any worries about the person being judgemental to you. When you release all your pent-up thoughts you can easily listen and communicate.

5. Quit eating sugar-

You should learn to quit the use of sugar. This high sugar diet can be harmful to the brain by inducing inflammation, making poor insulin regulation in the body and increasing oxidative stress.

A diet that improves insulin sensitivity will help the inflammation of the brain. You can add more fish, some meat, lot vegetables, some nuts and seeds fruits and little grains to the diet.

6. Nourishing the Brain with antioxidants-

As the brain gets benefitted with a proper diet similarly more amount of anti-oxidant can also help improve the focus of the brain. This helps in the process of learning and improving the memory and thus increasing the overall cognitive performance of the brain.

7. Getting a better sleep-

Sleep is a very important part of enhancing the brain. A quality sleep can make you get a high rate of functioning with the brain. You will not be able to operate completely if you are sleep . This also includes having a memory to think clearly or to communicate properly. You need to have the rest to be able to think clearly and to execute your work more effectively.

8. You need to quit multitasking-

It is better to concentrate on a single task and make it happen more fruitfully. Too many activities at the same time your brain to focus less on a particular activity this putting more stress on the brain to remember at a time. This also increases the forgetfulness of the brain.