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We are totally focused on the better health concern of our clients hence our products will be delivered to you once you give us a proper valid prescription from your doctor.

A prescription is mandatory to get the products from us as we should also be assured that whether you are liable to take the medicament or not.

What are our requirements?

  • Your prescription which you will be providing to us  needs to be valid and legitimate
  • The prescription should be signed by a licensed doctor
  • It is compulsory that the prescription should be written in English language and no other language.
  • The prescription that you will be sending should reach us within 7-8 days of your placing the order. Unless we get your prescription your order will not be dispatched.
  • You have to send us a copy of your prescription through the mail in which you have to mention your valid order number;  you can also fax your prescription to us at our fax number.