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  • The main aim of our trusted online pharmacy is at safeguarding the identity of the visitors as well as to maintain each and every detail of our visitor as confidential information.  We assure you that we will never reveal or tend to reveal any of the information that you have shared with us during your purchase or for any of the queries that you have put up in our mail.
  • To prevent any kind of unauthorized access, we have encrypted HTTPS. But in case of any kind of fraudulent activity going on by any third party without our notice is not supported by us and we are not subjected to be blamed for the activity. We do not guarantee any third party’s offense and so we cannot be held responsible for any kind of interruption or alteration done in your e-mails.
  • You are ensured that you can access our website without revealing any of your personal information or your e-mail-id or your phone number. However if you are interested in any of the online counseling or health chat you need to provide your detailed information especially your e-mail id and your personal details like address and phone number so that our specialized health expert can access with necessary prescription or any health benefits which may be required if you wish to get the best health benefits and best brain boost.
  • We are under the terms and conditions of keeping the confidentiality of our buyers who place an order on our website. We do not reveal your personal information to any other third party except our health experts and our consultants who can reach to you from time to time only when it is relevant enough.
  • Any information on our site, logo and any content are solely the part of We own trademark and copyrights; any misusing of our contents our site information and breaching are subjected to legal proceedings.   You can mail us if you wish to use any of our information which should not be for any business purpose. Only if we approve you can access the information.
  • We do not support any spamming or unnecessary calls or e-mails to our buyers or our visitors. Our regular customers will be informed about time to time updates through personal emails.

We want our online services to be helpful as well as useful to our customers hence we will illustrate our methods of reaching to you or giving our information.

Why we require your information

  • We take your information to provide you with necessary updates that our website offers, with various other offers on your products.
  • We require your details to access you properly in case you have processed any transaction with us.
  • We may take follow-ups of your product delivery as well as about your health (if necessary) through emails.
  • You will be updated time to time with our online services or notices that come up or if we want a feedback on any of the products or any changes that have occurred.

To whom do we discuss your information?

  • To personnel’s who include our health providers as well as our service providers.
  • If required by law
  • When we have to protect our rights for your safety to resist any further misuse of any of our services.