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A support for your brain to help you with the nootropic guide

There are a lot of problems that we do face due to our fickle and absent mindedness and we tend to lose few of our important things and the solution to this problem is nootropics. This word may not be very effectively sounding as the concept of nootropics had come with the study of smart drugs which was also meant to be discovered for a solution to the same cause. This concept came with the effect of

Before you start off you should know what is nootropics?

These nootropics are those supplements and compounds that work in combination to get the brains works in the manner so that the cognitive skills and the mental functions of the brains or the moods get a boost. One type of nootropic may give you a lot of energy to work, other can make you more creative and help you to analyze things more rationally while a third type can give you more alertness and also motivate so that you can start off fresh from your depression and anxiety stricken days.

Reports have proved that this nootropic drug has helped cases of chronic fatigue symptom especially seen in a girl who was suffering from the problem at the age of 16 named Maija Haavisto, the problem that she suffered was a trouble in writing or reading or memorizing anything.  This is also known as brain fog that is associated with the chronic illness.

Myalgic encephalomyelitis is a problem that is also associated with the problem of motor or cognitive issues in the brain and this can be cured by the nootropics. This research was done by Havisto itself in her 20s.

Some people believe that these are required for only those who have to focus their productivity like engineers or doctors to increase their potential for work.  Those who have suffered from chronic illness may have heard about the Omega-3 which is supposed to make the brains more able after the illness. In fact magnesium supplement St. John Wort is also taken for increasing the cognitive abilities of the brain.

How to help the brain to perform better

Each and every nootropic has its own mechanism of work and research is still continued so that the effect of each nootropic can be seen on the body. There are nootropics which you are using in your day to day life and you are not aware of that. One of the most popular forms is the morning coffee that is caffeine.

Caffeine: This caffeine has the stimulating effects which work by inhibiting the different receptors in the morning that make the body slow and this also allows the brain to become more alert and this also allows the body to become more energetic thereby making the brain more energetic. This caffeine medication has a type of stimulating effects which is being studied by the researchers as this when consumed for a long time this has a positive effect of keeping the brains stronger like decreasing the risks of Alzheimer’s disease.

Piracetam:  this is the first compound that has been termed as a nootropic as this medication has been seen to increase the cognitive abilities of the person and this medication has also increased the cognitive function in the children who are suffering from the learning disorders or suffering from dyslexia and ADHD

Pyritinol: This is a semi-synthetic and has two vitamin B-6 molecules attached to it this powerful nootropic increases the memory as well as the time of stimulus of this medication.

Ginko Biloba- This is a very common supplement that is found in the maximum food stores and this has been the first foray that was part of Haavisto’s research. She also said that it was her nootropic which was supposed to be taken three times and which helped her to increase her cognitive abilities but the fact if she missed the dose will lead to the cognitive dose to the pallet.

She was later prescribed with two nootropics that were Piracetam and then nimodipine which is a calcium channel blocker.  You can buy nootropic online but it depends on which country the person is settled in.

Both the drugs were marvelous in developing the cognitive abilities in which the nimodipine worked immediately and she found less difficulty in remembering the words or suffered less from the brain fatigue.

So the nootropics that have been proven to be effective by science is

  • Caffeine
  • Piracetam
  • Pyritinol
  • Ginkgo biloba
  • nimodipine

It is necessary to choose the supplements with caution knowing the efficacy of the medication in the body and this is also supposed to be monitored carefully on the body and this is also supposed to keep in the mind the effects that it can do with other medication.

Know the ways to judge your nootropics

First, assign a goal for yourself

you first need to know what you want to achieve after taking a nootropic whether it’s the problem of insomnia or decrease your depression or your anxiety or decrease the problem of sleeping disorders while your work time. You may also need a nootropic to get more motivation so that you can finish your desired work. As we know all nootropics are not the same and they work differently for your different tasks it is easier to get a nootropic if you decide why you need it.

Make a change in your lifestyle

If you can change your lifestyle like quit smoking or drinking or get a good sleep get into some exercises in your body then it is easier to change your body then it will be more effective when you take a nootropic along with it.

Try to make a stack

Making a stack helps in getting the best way to get a better output. Some know the different stacks those can be combined to get the best results and they keep doing it too often to get the desired output. The most common stack combination is caffeine along with L-theanine so that your focus can be boosted. But most of the times it necessary to try the nootropics that are first consulted with the doctor.