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What to know about Nootropic?

Nootropics are the medicines that give cognitive benefits to the human brain and this falls in the class of chemicals which are naturally occurring and some which are manmade.

Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea, first coined the term nootropic had sighted five criteria in a nootropic drug that will make sure that it fits in the perfect criteria. The substance needs to have these following abilities.

  • Enhance the ability of the memory to learn and enhance the power of the brain to retain facts for long
  • These nootropics need to be a support for the brain to function under disruptive condition- some conditions of disruptive function are hypoxia (low oxygen) and electroconvulsive shock.
  • The nootropic drug should be protecting the brain from any type of malady that rises due to chemical and physical disorder in the brain-  the nootropic drug should be a type of anticholinergic drug and barbiturates.
  • This nootropic drug should have the capacity to allow the neuron to communicate properly also known as neuronal firing which is supposed to be done in the cortical or sub-cortical parts of the brain.
  • This nootropic drug should not have any toxic substance and should not cause any side-effects

Now, these qualities actually can be found in a miracle drug rather than a nootropic. But these nootropics are somewhat similar to characteristics that are given and it normally helps in enhancing the brain power as well as works as a sleeping aid allowing a person to be wakeful during the working hours.

Though this topic of nootropics and smart drugs are the most spinning issue and the most debatable topic the research on this topic is mostly focused whether these smart drugs can be called as the nootropics or not. Actually, these nootropics have been widely used by the students before their exams to get the extra boost in the brain, in the telegraph times it is written published that these nootropics are used widely by students in universities in the UK to get the best boost of their brains.

The best things about these nootropic drugs are that they do not cause a lot of side-effects like the smart drugs and they are moreover safe to be taken as they have a low risk of side-effects and moreover are more neuroprotective.

How do these nootropics work?

These nootropics work on the brain by increasing the intellectual capacity of the brain by increasing the IQ of the brain. They also increase the brain function by making the neurotransmitters work more sensitively and increase the production.

The functioning of the brain takes place because of the numerous neurons which are present in the nerves of the brain. These neurons pass the stimulus with the help of the synapse that is the connector between the neurons. These neurons actually work through the chemicals that they pass on from one neuron to the other. When these chemicals are passed on properly and efficiently it helps in a better experience, improved concentration, and better memory. It also helps in enhanced mood elevation with better memory and increased processing with the better ability for mental work and has longer attention spans.

These nootropics increase the synaptic capacity of the neurons thus causing a long lasting as well as the increased functioning performance of the brain.

Few nootropics also increase the effects of the vasodilation in which they increase the blood flow to the brain. But it requires a continued intake of the nootropic drug or a prolonged use makes it so.

This supplies the brain with enough oxygen and nutrients and also glucose- these are the essential elements that are required by the brain to have more focus.

 Human brain requires a lot of energy to perform its functions and this is even more when a brain requires to sustain consciousness and to pay any attention to the external environment. The brain constitutes about 2% of the body but its uses almost 20% of the energy.

Having any mental exercises or performing any mental work during the day requires a lot of energy. As soon as your brain loses oxygen you can feel sleepy or less attentive similarly these nootropics help in increasing the concentration of the oxygen in the brain thereby increasing the capacity of the brain.

Nootropics are also efficient in showing the signs of neuro-preservation and neuroprotection. These compounds are also responsible to effect the chemicals of the brain that is responsible for the aging process. Some nootropics can also increase the production of nerve growth as well as bring a change in the brain-derived neurotrophic factor. 

In the process of time, this also slows down the process of aging and also helps in controlling the process of aging and also control the problem of Alzheimer's disease.

What are the nootropics lists?

The best is the racetam group that in a class of this nootropic which falls in the group of Piracetam.

All the racetam groups are normally similar if they find that these also help in improving the brain health, learning, memory, and the focus. There is a diverse class that belongs to the same as the class and potency and the individual characteristics of the supplements that are given below. These Racetam nootropics work by increasing the acetylcholine neurotransmitter activity of the brain. This also increases the glutamate activity via different AMPA and NMDA receptors.

PIRACETAM – This is one of the class of nootropic that helps in improving the focus, attention, memory formation and then recall and this information processing by increasing the several factors related to mood. This is one of the popular nootropics that is used as an off-label ADHD treatment and remains to be the best for the first-time-users.

This nootropic is a positive modulator for the receptor of the acetylcholine neurotransmitter that plays a role in fluid intelligence and also works on short-time memory working capacity. This medication also enhances the overall neuronal function of the person. This also helps in stimulating AMPA receptor sites and also helps in implicating the learning as well as by increasing the memory encoding process.