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Get to know about the different smart drugs and their work

You will get to know the best nootropics for focus so that you can make use of these drugs for brain strong memory support. Along with using these smart drugs for enhancing cognitive skills, nootropics for anxiety is also frequently used. Users buy nootropics online as these smart drugs can be used for treating any brain-related disorder and can also be used by the healthy brains to stop the cognitive decline of the brain.

All the smart drugs modafinil, Armodafinil or the variants of this generic ingredient are used as a nootropic.  So the basic difference between the smart drug and nootropic is that this pill helps in treating narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and shift work disorder.

The entire smart drugs whether Nuvigil or Armodafinil or its brands have a similar procedure of taking the pills. You should know what does these smart drugs or what does modafinil do?

What is the smart drug dosage

When it is taken for narcolepsy it should be taken orally with depending on your condition or as directed by the doctor. You can take this medication with or without food. This medication is taken once daily in the morning and sometimes when the doctor directs this medication can be taken twice by dividing the dose taking one in the morning and taking other at the noon time.

For obstructive sleep apnea, this needs to be taken once in the morning.

In case of shift disorder if this medication is taken one hour before the start of the sleep disorder then it works the best. Modafinil for studying is also used but at a minimal dosage and should be consulted with the doctor before giving to the students.

What is the difference between modafinil and armodafinil?

Armodafinil tablets also a generic name for Nuvigil is more superior to a potent than modafinil smart pill as it is the pure R-modafinil which is the most psychoactive compound in modafinil. This is the reason why waklert and armodafinil dosage are made in lower than modafinil.  Both these drugs are also used to enhance the energy levels as well as improve focus and alertness.

Armodafinil vs modafinil: which is better?

Seeing the clinical view both are used to treat the same conditions and are supposed to be more effective. Armodafinil is supposed to be the enantiopure version of the modafinil. Normally modafinil smart pill is composed of R-modafinil and S- modafinil which are present in equal amounts in this drug. The more active part is the r-enantiomer which is more long-lasting, active and more stable.  Therefore the Armodafinil is made of this active component R-modafinil.

As Armodafinil is a more purified version it has a tendency to bind differently to receptor sites within the brain and the body as compared to its predecessor.

Modafinil side-effects are negligible but the fact that medications have different effects on different people so it is better to start with low modafinil dosage.

Modalert or modvigil

Modalert and modvigil contain the same ingredient that is modafinil. The different brand name for the same ingredient that is provigil which again contains the same ingredient modafinil. When any of the medication is developed, any pharmaceutical company gets the patent of the generic drug and this is then sold in a specific brand name. When a French company got the patent of modafinil it developed the brand name modiadol.

Now there are two ways to sell this brand the first one is to buy the patent and then sell the drug under a different brand name and this is what happened with modafinil tablets in the U.S as this was famously known as provigil. Provigil doses are also the same as its basic ingredient modafinil tablets.

The second method is to wait for the patent of the company to expire and then you can manufacture it as the name of generic modafinil or use a different brand name to manufacture it. In India the famous sun Pharmaceuticals Company has the right to produce the modafinil drug and it is marketed in the name of modalert.

Whenever we talk about the difference between modvigil and modalert, it is seen that the modalert drug is more effective than the modafinil modvigil tablets. When we are discussing about the drugs modvigil vs provigil we are basically comparing between the same drugs but it is seen that when modalert is compared with modvigil then people prefer to buy modalert more as this is considered to be more effective but the prices of modvigil are comparatively very low.

The provigil side-effects are same as seen in case of modafinil pill as it contains the same ingredient unless you are allergic to the active and the inactive ingredients.

What are the modafinil benefits?

When talking about benefits of this drug then modafinil pill is termed to be a smart drug and is used for treating sleep disorders that are caused due to shift work disorder or sleep apnea. Scholars buy modafinil online as this medication is also used to boost the cognitive skills in a person. Students in colleges and universities prefer to buy modafinil and use it as modafinil supplements as this is supposed to enhance the memory power, the thinking power of a person as well as the power to take better decisions.

Those who are taking modafinil first time should make sure that they check with the doctor and start with a low dosage. If it is taken as a supplement then a lower dosage can always be helpful.

How should I take modafinil?

If this is the question that you are worried about then you should be first clear why you need this medication. If you need modafinil to stay awake and to treat the problem of narcolepsy or treat the problem of sleep disorder then you will require higher modafinil dosage but if you wish to take it for a supplement then a minimal dose will do.

Where to buy modafinil?

You can buy from modafinil online pharmacy after you know the exact dose you require. You can also get modafinil for sale from the offline pharmacies if you have a modafinil prescription and modafinil over the counter is also available.