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Arcalion contains sulbutiamine that is a man-made chemical similar to the thiamine of vitamin B. Thiamine is solvent in water but sulbutiamine dissolves in fats. This ingredient is used by athletes as a stimulant and this ingredient increases the level of thiamine in the brain. This drug is taken orally and is used to treat Alzheimer’s disease, weakness, increases strength in athletes, diabetic nerve damage, fatigue, and memory

Normally the working mechanism of this drug is unknown but it works in the brain in such a way so that it reduces the weakness in the body and also boosts the memory.


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How does arcalion work?

Arcalion is highly lipophilic that can easily absorb the fat and can easily penetrate the blood-brain barrier. Once this is absorbed by the neurons it helps in the production of new mitochondria cells that is required for the energy of the body.

Arcalion increases the level of ATP in the brain that is an energy molecule and is required to power all the cellular functions of the body.

Another usage of this tablet is to take it to increase the level of acetylcholine. This neurotransmitter is also responsible for helping to boost a number of cognitive process for memory storage and for consolidation that helps in the working memory capacity. This also enhances the ability to manipulate the data and to make connections and to make synaptic plasticity. People buy arcalion online and use it as supplements for themselves as well as for their children.

What are the uses of the Arcalion drug?

Treats fatigue from infection

Researchers have said that if the Arcalion drug is taken along with any treatment for infection then this drug helps in reducing the fatigue that is caused due to the infection. Though no proves have been seen about the decrease of fatigue with prolonged usage of this drug.

Treatment for Alzheimer’s disease

This drug is helpful in treating Alzheimer’s disease when the person suffers from the initial stage of Alzheimer’s. Normally it is seen that if a person takes arcalion for three months it boosts the attention of the person during the initial stage. A combination of arcalion with donepezil helps to build the memory of a person when taken for 3 months.

Treatment for depression

This drug works on the depression factor also if the person suffers from the pscyho behavioral inhibition, and if this drug is taken for 4 weeks. Normally this is the only factor of depression that it works on.

Treatment for diabetic nerve pain

This works on people who suffered from the nerve damage due to high diabetes. This medication when taken for 6 weeks help in improving the problem but symptoms of sympathetic nerve pain still persist as it does not cure that pain nor does it evade the symptoms.

Erectile dysfunction Improvement

It has been seen that those men who suffer from the problem of erectile dysfunction show improvement in their erection when they take Arcalion ( sulbutiamine) for around 30 days.

The rate of improvement has been seen in 16 out of 20 males who suffer from the problem of erectile dysfunction because of stress or anxiety. There are a lot of benefits of using this drug and so users buy online arcalion drug.

Treatment for fatigue related to multiple sclerosis

It has been seen that those who are suffering from multiple sclerosis show substantial recovery from their problem when they take this drug for a regular period.

Dosage structure of the drug

The dosage structure of this Arcalion drug depends on the age of the user or the response of the user to this medication. The drug dosages also vary whether you are a child or if you are an adult. It is not recommended to self-medicate this drug rather this drug should be taken only after a proper prescription from the physician.  This drug is also used as a health supplement rather than to treat or prevent some type of condition. You can easily buy arcalion online in bulk powder or in the form of tablets as a health supplement

When you are taking the pills of this arcalion tablet it is necessary to swallow the pill as a whole rather than chewing it or breaking it. This pill should be taken with a glass full of water. This is highly recommended to take this medication with food as this substance is fat soluble.

The proper dosage of the arcalion depends upon a number of factors that is responsible with age and response to the treatment. This also depends upon the reason why you wish to take this medication. The personal dosage of this pill may differ from person to person.

Likewise, if a person is looking for nootropics for a cognitive enhancing ability then the dosage will range from 400 mg to 600 mg as this will be merely taken as a supplement. Those who want it to improve their moods or want to improve their energy or increase their stamina then the user may need to take the medication dose of 850mg per day.

The normal dosage of arcalion is 250 to 850 mg that may be divided into different dosage throughout the day as recommended by the physician. For the best method of dosage, a proper knowledge of the problem is studied by the physician and then the dosage is divided.

If this medication is taken for a supplement then it should be started with the lowest dosage. Once the dosage has become familiar and effects are not seen the strength of the dosage can be increased.

This arcalion drug should be taken with the help of meals as this substance is easily fat soluble and can help in fast absorption.

How can arcalion be used with a stack

Using this arcalion doses alone helps to get the better memory and enhance memory skills but many find it better to be stacked with other compounds to get even better effects. The compounds that are normally used with this are the racetams that are used to increase the stacking energy. The most popular drug that is taken with this arcalion is Aniracetam.

This is also stacked with caffeine that increases the stamina and also increases the motivation of the brain but it also has side-effects like jitters and nervousness. Normally many of the users when they online buy arcalion they order for a stack that they can take along with the drug.

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